Outline / Greetings


The School of Life Dentistry, conveniently located in Iidabashi in central Tokyo, has approximately 800 students and roughly 450 members on the teaching staff. The School enjoys a cooperative and harmonious relationship on a organizational level with its affiliated hospital, the Research Center for Odontology, and the Graduate School of Life Dentistry. It has relations with fourteen countries, has signed agreements with sixteen sister universities, and has established strong international ties in clinical and educational fields, with the focus lying on its research activities. As a consequence, the School continues to carry out multi-layered, highly advanced research and education.

Greetings from the Dean

A Personal Invitation to the Nippon Dental University’s School of Life Dentistry at Tokyo

Kenichiro Kikuchi D.D.S., Ph.D.
Dean of The Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Tokyo

  • Since its founding in 1907 the Nippon Dental University has adhered steadfastly to self-reliance and self-responsibility as its founding principles; it has striven to foster the education of highly qualified dentists who can work with independence of mind and with a superior sense of medical ethics. Now, in 2023 the university is celebrating the 117th year since its foundation, proudly based on its past history and tradition. With this pride as its guide, the university is bravely moving into the future.

    It is often said that “Dentistry has its beginnings in private institutions,” and this is certainly true of Japan, where the Nippon Dental University has constantly been a pioneer since the dawn of dentistry, whether in medical care education or in research, and has constantly been a pillar of dental care. As a result, with the founding of the School of Dentistry at Niigata (now the School of Life Dentistry at Niigata) in 1972, the university came to consist of two graduate schools, two schools of life dentistry, three affiliated hospitals, two clinics "(oral health care and home care)", two junior colleges, two research centers, and a medical museum, making it the world’s largest dental university.

This feat has not been achieved by resting on the laurels of the university’s past history and tradition. History and tradition mean following in the footsteps of those who have preceded us. It means that we today, and succeeding generations, must build on the accomplishments of our forebears. In fact, in each and every age, the graduates of the university have seen into the heart of that age, have foreseen future developments, and without a moment’s hesitation have created the ongoing history of dental medicine and dental care as leaders of the dental world. They have provided, as a result, the driving force that has raised Japanese dentistry to a world-class level. It is my hope that those of you who are planning to enter the university will join in this effort to create a better world.

The Nippon Dental University provides the knowledge, expertise, and mentality that you need to pass the national dental examination. In order to assure that all students realize this goal, the university will do its utmost to assist students by providing the highest level education in a superlative educational setting. Further, the skills and knowledge fostered at the university will continue to grow after graduation through self-improvement, enabling graduates to play leading roles in the times to come and contribute to society.

Regardless of how times may change in the future, occupations that help people in need will never disappear. The best example of this is medical care. For ages past, dentistry has continued to serve countless patients in the field of dental care. However, even the most superlative player cannot perform on the same field forever. The Nippon Dental University is already preparing to pass on the torch of dentistry to the next generation.

It is my fervent hope that you will make use of the rich resources provided by the university, and that together with your new classmates and your seniors at the school, you will live a fulfilling student life while gaining the goal of a dentist’s license and becoming an outstanding dentist.

The Nippon Dental University is eagerly awaiting your arrival, the next generation of dentists, who will help create the history of the future.