The Roots of Modern Dentistry


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The Nippon Dental University is the oldest dental institution in Japan. Under the Japanese Dental Law of 1906, which introduced regulations on the accreditation of both public and private dental schools, the first certified dental school was established in1907 by Ichigoro Nakahara. In 1909, the school was renamed the Nippon Institute of Dentistry, and in 1947 it became known as the Nippon Dental College.

In 1952, a six-year dental program, including a two-year pre-dental curriculum, was begun, and a four-year graduate program was added in 1960. Subsequently, the Affiliated School in Tokyo started two new courses: the Dental Technology Course in 1968, and the Dental Hygiene Course in 1971. In April 1972, a second School of Dentistry was inaugurated at Niigata, and later the college name was changed to the Nippon Dental University (NDU). In April 1983, the Affiliated School of Dental Hygiene at Niigata enrolled its first students, and four years later it was upgraded to become a junior college offering a Dental Hygiene Course. The Graduate School was inaugurated at Niigata in April 1990. Altogether, 19,800 dentists have graduated from the university.

In April 2005, the Junior College at Tokyo was established, and in April of the following year the school and faculty names were changed to incorporate "life dentistry." In June 2005, the Centennial Anniversary Building was inaugurated.

In addition to its fine undergraduate program, the school offers excellent graduate programs, impressive research facilities, and the highest standards in the treatment of patients.

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