Graduate School

The Graduate School

The goal of the Graduate School of the School of Life Dentistry in Niigata is to provide instruction in the theory and practice of dentistry, to act as a source of researchers who can contribute to the advancement of dentistry while acquiring expertise at the highest levels and carrying out independent research, and to foster outstanding research capabilities that through involvement in the industrial world contribute not only to research institutes but also to the local community and society at large.

In the research facilities at the School of Life Dentistry in Niigata, there are three principal areas of specialization: basic science, applied science, and clinical science. The system for directing research is unique and is distinguished by its freedom from preconceived or conventional ideas. Not only are the most advanced research facilities available, various facilities for collaborative research are open for student use, including the Advanced Research Center, and are being actively utilized in research activities. For further details, refer to the Curriculum.

As a rule, the doctorate program requires four years of study, but exceptions are made for students who have completed all the credit requirements and have achieved an outstanding research record before the passage of the required four years. For further information concerning the number of years required for completing courses, see the description of course contents and methods of completing courses.

Major Subject Programs and Themes of Study

The principal research content of the research department at the Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Niigata.

Major Subject Programs (Director) Themes of Study
Comparative Morphology of Oral Hard Tissue and Mucous Membranes
(Kageyama Ikuo)
  1. Dental anthropology
  2. Morphogenesis of the head and neck
  3. Clinical anatomy of the maxillofacial region
(Tsujimura Maiko)
  1. Immunohistochemical study of the taste bud
  2. Histological study of the tissue around dental implants
  3. Histological study on alteration of the tissue after oral surgical procedures
Physiology of Mastication and Salivation
(Satoh Yoshihide)
  1. Central control mechanisms of feeding and swallowing
  2. Central transmission mechanisms of oral sensation
  3. Relationship between occlusion and motor function in sports dentistry
Molecular Biology of Saliva and Salivary Glands
(Morita Takao)
  1. Molecular mechanism of salivary secretion
  2. Pathological biochemistry on saliva and salivary glands in animal models
  3. Molecular mechanism of intracellular signaling by receptor stimulation
Oral Infection and Immunity
(Katsuragi Hiroaki)
  1. Analysis of host response against periodontal pathogens
  2. Studies of aminopeptidase on oral bacteria
  3. Identification of cariogenic and peroidontopathic bacteria by DNA analysis
Oral Environmental Community Dental Health
(Komatsuzaki Akira)
  1. The evaluation of a community-based oral health care program for prevention effectiveness
  2. A field study of oral health public services associated with health promotion
  3. Development of a new masticatory function assessment system employing a laser beam for oral health
Developmental Science of Oral Biomaterials
(Ohkuma Kazuo)
  1. Study on fabrication of dental restorations using CAD/CAM
  2. Fatigue of dental polymer adhesive material
  3. Development of the automation of the teeth preparation
Functional Occlusal Treatment
(Koide Kaoru)
  1. Study on the occlusal forms for denture wear
  2. Study on the condylar position under various conditions
  3. Development and clinical application of the chair side examination of stomatognathic function
Functional Occlusal Treatment
(        )
  1. Development and clinical evaluation of implant materials and bone augmentation materials
  2. Study on tooth reduction device and method
  3. Torsional strength of dental restorative materials
Quantitative Diagnostic Imaging
(Ogura Ichiro)
  1. SPECT/CT for oral and maxillofacial diseases
  2. Characteristic multimodal imaging of MRONJ
  3. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging and US elastography of oral cancer.
Histopathology of Pathogenic Mechanisms
(Okada Yasuo)
  1. Comprehensive study on genesis, proliferation, invasion, metastasis, diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer
  2. Study on tumorous property acquisition of the lining epithelium of odontogenic cyst
  3. Study on histopathological malignancy grade, angiogenesis and metastasis of malignant tumor of salivary gland
Pharmacodynamics of Hard Tissue and Salivary Glands
(Nakamura Kenjirou)
  1. Study on secretory mechanisms in the salivary gland
  2. Study on substances suppressing cariogenicity
  3. Mechanisms of adrenal catecholamine secretion
Anesthesiology and Resuscitation
(Fujii Kazuyuki)
  1. Study of localization on anesthetics
  2. Study of qualitative comparison on sedation
  3. Study of preemptive analgesia
  1. Study on healing of dental pulp and periapical tissue
  2. Study of biomechanical and biochemical root canal preparation
  3. Research on biological properties of cells related to pulpal and periapical diseases
Advanced Operative Dentistry
(Shinkai Koichi)
  1. Study on tooth adhesion of dental restorative materials
  2. Study on prevention and control for dental root caries
  3. Development of dental adhesive materials with a calcification promoting function
(Sato Soh)
  1. Study on the periodontal tissue regeneration
  2. Study of the periodontal-systemic connection
  3. Study on esthetics in periodontal treatment
Pediatric Oral Behavior Science
(Kuroki Junko)
  1. Study of oral diseases and the underlying pathomechanisms
  2. Study of the factor of tooth development and eruption
  3. Study of salivary protein and dental caries prevention
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
(Endo Toshiya)
  1. Biomechanical analysis of orthodontic treatment
  2. Early treatment for malocclusion
  3. Characteristics of orthodontic adhesive
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
(Tanaka Akira)
  1. Experimental study on anti-cancer drug sensitivity test for oral cancer chemotherapy
  2. Experimental study on regeneration of salivary gland, nerve and tooth
  3. Clinical and experimental study on Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the jaw
Clinical Examination
(Ohkoshi Shogo)
  1. Research on the interrelation between oral diseases and systemic diseases from the viewpoint of the clinical laboratory
  2. Sleep apnea syndrome and fatty liver
  3. Differentiation of dental pulp stem cell