The Nippon Dental University School of Life Science at Tokyo, Library


Dentistry / Medicine / Science / Popular Works

                                                            (Floor Guide)

Dentistry - NDUC (Nippon Dental University Classification)

D Dentistry in General

 01 Outline

 02 History

 03 Dictionaries, Handbooks, Catalogues

 04 Dissertation, Esseys

 05 Societies, Proceedings

 06 Dental Practice Management

 07 Economis, Laws

 08 Education, Language, Examination

 09 Old Books


D 1 Dental Basic Medicine

 11 Oral Anatomy, Oral Histology,  Mouth      Embryology

 12 Oral Physiology

 13 Oral Biochemistry

 14 Oral Pathology

 15 Oral Microbiology

 16 Oral Pharmacology

 17 Forensic Dentistry



D 2 Clinical Dentistry

 21 Oral Diagnosis

 22 Emergency Dental Care

 23 Medical Informaatics


D 3 Oral Surgery

 31 Jaw

 32 Tooth

 33 Mucosa Membrane

 34 Neoplasms

 36 Dental Anesthesia


D 4 Conservative Dentistry

 41 Endodontics

 42 Operative Dentistry

 43 Periodontology


D 5 Prosthetic Dentistry

 52 Basic Research (Dental Occlusion,      

     Dental Articulators)

 54 Denture

 56 Crown, Bridge

 57 Common Technology(Dental Implantation, et


 59 Dental Technology, Dental Materials


D 6 Orthodontics


D 7 Pedodontics


D 8 Dental Radiology


D 9 Oral Health

 91 Preventive Dentistry

 92 Public Dental Health

 94 Dental Hygienist


D100 Dentistry and Related Subjects



Medicine - NDUC (National Library of Medicine Classification)

Preclinical Sciences

QS Human anatomy

QT Physiology

QU Biochemistry

QV Pharmacology

QW Microbiology and Immunology

QX Parasitology

QY Clinical Pathology

QZ Pathology



Medicine and Related Subjects

W        Health Professions

WA      Public Health

WC      Communicable Diseases

WD100 Nutrition disorders

WD200 Metabolic Diseases

WD300 Immunologic and Collagen           Diseases. Hypersensitivity

WD400 Animal Poisons

WD500 PlantPoisons

WD600 Diseases and Injries Caused by            Physical Agents

WD700 Aviation and Space Medicine

WE      Musculoskeletal System

WF      Repspiratory System

WG      Cardiovascular System

WH      Hemic and Lymphatic Systems

WI       Digestive System

WJ      Urogenital System

WK      Endocrine System

WL      Nervous System

WM     Psychiatry

WN     Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging

WO    Surgery

WP    Gynecology

WQ    Obstetrics

WR    Dermatology

WS    Pediatrics

WT    Geriatrics. Chronic Disease

WU    Dentistry. Oral surgery

WV    Otolaryngology

WW   Ophthalmology

WX   Hospitals and other Health Facilitites

WY   Nursing

WZ   History of medicine

       19th Century Schedule


Science / Technology. Engineering - NDC(Nippon Decimal Classification)

400 Natural Science

410 Matheamtics

420 Physics

430 Chemistry

440 Astronomy. Space Sciences

450 Earth Sciences

460 Biology

470 Botany

480 Zoology



500 Technology. Engineering

510 Construction. Civil Engineering

520 Architecture. Building

530 Mechanical Engineering

540 Electrical Engineering

550 Maritime Engineering. Weapons

560 Metal and Mining Engineering

570 Chemical Technology

580 Manufactures

590 Domestic Arts and Sciences


Popular Works - NDC(Nippon Decimal Classification)

000 General Works

100 Philosophy

200 General History

300 Social Science


600 Industry and Commerce

700 The Arts.  fine Arts

800 Language

900 Literature